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Buddhist temple Kamakura
Istvan Koloh

Istvan Koloh

2nd dan Aikikai

Main Instructor

Istvan started Aikido in 2013, and he was looking for an instructor suitable for him to follow when he found the Wimbledon dojo where Atsushi Mimuro 7th dan Aikikai from Japan is the Shihan. Istvan was introduced to Mimuro Shihan in the summer of 2014 by Karesz Hoffer 4dan Aikikai who is the leader of the Wimbledon dojo. Istvan knew straightaway that he had found the sensei he was looking for and the same time he was still learning from Karesz Hoffer to achieve the strong base he needed to improve in Mimuro sensei style aikido. Mimuro Shihan gives seminars all around the UK annually, and elsewhere in Europe. Istvan has trained with Mimuro Shihan in Japan, both in Yokohama and Karuizawa.

Istvan joined Lancashire Aikikai (LA) in 2018 and opened his first Dojo in Dulwich, London. He moved to Torquay, Devon in 2022 and after a year of practicing at different aikido clubs he had decided that he will open his club in Torquay so he can concentrate on Mimuro Shihan's teachings. He follows the teachings of Atsushi Mimuro Shihan directly, and passed his 1st dan front of Mimuro Shihan in 2017 and 2nd dan in 2022. He acquired the BAB Coach Level 1 certificate in 2019.

Istvan dedicates Yokohama International Aikido Devon to Atsushi Mimuro Shihan, he aims to preserve and promote the teachings he receives from him.

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